How to Plan a Trip

Hacks to Save Time & Money in a trip

Every travel is a new learning. Many factors are responsible for making the trip an unforgettable trip. More than the physical efforts, travelling opens one’s mind. It is like the refresh option available on a computer. Exploring is something every human need. A family trip brings in a new schedule to your family, whereas the solo trip brings in new “Me” in you. 

Travelling isn’t easy as you think at the same time, not that hard as you think. Travelling needs a lot of planning and precautions like travel insurance policies. How could you plan a trip beneficial and safe in all aspects? That’s what is detailed in this blog. 

Travel tickets & Hotel booking 

One of the biggest advantages of planning a trip in the current-gen is to book travel tickets and hotel booking online. But there is an unknown fact in this part. The booking sites access your browsing history in order to know about your lifestyle. The study would reflect on the fare displayed on site. Hence people are advised to use booking sites in the incognito mode. 

Prefer Night Flights 

Travelling on flights during night time has several advantages. As only a few people prefer night travelling, check-in and other processes will be faster. Travelling night will be even more preferable in case you are travelling across time zones. It could be a perfect nap time for the traveller. 

Smart Packing 

There are several packaging hack videos available on YouTube. The smarter you minimize the luggage size, it will be even more comfortable during travel. T-shirts, socks and many more fragile materials can be easily packed. 

Snack options

The food available in the Airport & Flight can’t satisfy one. Not just that, but they are also expensive. Choosing your snacks items is important. It is more recommended to carry snacks like dry fruits, nuts, as it is easy to carry and healthy. Bread, especially sandwiches, can also be one among the snack list. It is an economical move. 

Map Usage 

The traveller must make the best use of the destination’s map inorder to have a hasslefree travel experience. This can be done by using smartphones. The map can be downloaded and accessed anytime during travel.


When your trip is short, it is better to carry water bottles along with them, as the quality and the price can change from place to place. The bottle can’t be efficient, but it could reduce the cost at least in a few places. 

Travel Insurance Policy 

The option is a very important option in any travel plan. Travel insurance policies act as a saviour medically, financially and many more ways. Trip cancellations, baggage loss, flight delays, hijack- situations like these are covered under this policy. It can reduce the chances of unwanted financial expenses related to the trip. Head on to IVA insurance to buy the most suited travel insurance policy.

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