How to find car insurance policy number

Ways to find Car insurance policy number

With reference to the Motor vehicle act 1988, Car insurance is a mandatory document that a car owner must own. Only then the car can be used in Indian roads. If the rider fails to have a valid document, the rider has to pay fine. Hence, a car must be bought along with the insurance documents at any time and any place. People who fail to understand the concept of car insurance consider it as an unwanted expense. But in actual terms, car insurance is an advantageous tool for the vehicle owner.

The policy protects the car from any kind of unexpected events, including any kind of man-made or natural reasons. During such situations, the vehicle would be put into physical damages resulting in financial emergencies. The policy reduces the effect of financial expenses. Policies also compensate people after an accident. There is a wide range of car insurance policies available in the market. Any individual can buy a policy based on the benefits that match the requirements of the individual. 

There are two types of car insurance policies available based on the coverage feature,

Third-party liability policy 

According to this policy, the insurance firm provides coverages to the damages on the third party for the accidents by the policyholder. This type of policy is mandatory by the road laws of India. 

Comprehensive car insurance 

By this policy, both the third party and the policyholder get benefited after an accident. It is beneficial when compared to the third-party liability policy. 

What is Car insurance policy number?

Car insurance policy number is an identification number given to each and every insurance policyholder. The number is used as an identity to the policy owned by an individual. It reduces the effort of identifying one’s policy. Remembering the car insurance policy number is very important for the policyholder. The policyholder must have a hard copy of the policy while driving, whereas the soft copy is emailed to the registered email ID. 

When is the car insurance policy number needed? 

  • After accident – In case your car meets with an accident, then there has to be a claim request made against the third party. The number will be helpful in filing FIR complaint with the police. 
  • Policy renewal – There need to be certain details to be submitted while renewing a car insurance policy. One of them is the car insurance policy number. 
  • Applying for duplicate – In case the policyholder losses the original copy of the policy, then the individual can request the insurance firm for another copy, for which the number is essential. 
  • Selling car – While selling a car, the buyer would request for details regarding the insurance policy. Just by providing the number, the buyer could get the details required. 
  • Policy detail updation – If incase any wrong information is given in the document, then the policyholder has the option of updating the details given in the policy document. The number is required in such situations. 

Where is the car insurance policy number? 

The quickest way to locate your car insurance policy number is the policy document. Regardless of the type of insurance policy, the document has the mention of the car insurance policy number. But there are even more options available,

  • Insurance agent – If the policy is bought through any insurance agent, then one can contact the agent as the agent themselves have a copy of the document. 
  • Customer line – The policyholder, can contact the insurance firm through helplines and get the car insurance policy number. 
  • Insurance firm’s site/ app – Insurance firm have websites and mobile app service. Thus, the user could log in to their account and get the required details. 
  • Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) – People can check on the IIB site for the car insurance policy number. IIB has the Insurance policy number documentation practices; thus, your number will be found on an alternative online platform also. 
  • Visit the nearest branch – People can visit the nearest branch of the insurance provider firm and get the details of the policy as such.

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