Do’s and Don’ts to follow in car insurance

Do’s and Don’ts to follow in car insurance

Going for a long drive is a real comfort in today’s world. Considering India’s traffic conditions, it is easy to agree that there is a very high chance of involving in accidents. Even a small troublesome event could ruin your journey. In order to work as a support during such incidents, car insurance policies were introduced. The legal agreement between the individual and the insurance firm saves a lot of money and at the same time, helps the policyholder to come out of the situation with ease. 

Accidents are unpredictable whereas the insurance policies reduce the impact of the accident. To help our customers with car insurance policy, we present you the do’s and don’ts checklist to smoothen the car insurance processes. 

First the Dos,

  • Be it any accident; the first step is to file a complaint with the police department. The FIR copy is important whiling submitting a claim request. Since the insurance documents indicates legal agreement between you and the insurance company, the validity of the claim should be unquestionable and beyond any scope of suspicion.
  • The policyholder must contact the insurance provider as soon as possible after receiving the FIR copy. Every insurance provider takes their own time in the inspection phase, in order to finish things off in quick span, the policyholder mustn’t delay themselves in informing the insurance firm regarding the accident. 
  • Check the policy documents to estimate how a claim will be approved and how much the policyholder has to spend from their own pocket. Going through the documents while buying the policy, will help one know the criteria in which the claim is approved and declined. 
  • Make sure to have a photograph of the accident locations, vehicle damages and other relating stuff. The photos act as an additional evidence for the insurance firm on the accident. 
  • If possible also collect the details of the third part vehicle on their third party vehicle insurance policy to support you in repairing the damages. 
  • Maintain the bill documents of any of the expenses made before final settlement. Some firms consider these bills during calculations. 

Now the Don’ts

  • Even if the accident has occurred because of your fault, do not escape yourselves from the location. Check for the people involved in the accident and help them with the first aid needs. 
  • No insurance firm asks people for any written agreements regarding the insurance policy. Do not sign any documents before purchasing the insurance policy. 
  • Do not come into conclusion while explaining the insurance firm about the accident scenes. Explain the events that lead to the accident so that the insurance firm will know what actually happened. 


The dos and Don’ts will help you in a faster claim approval phase. Now enjoy the benefits of the insurance policy faster and fuller! Check out IVA insurance site to get the best car insurance policies that match your expectations.

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