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What is Individual Health Insurance?

Health is wealth. Given today’s busy and erratic lifestyles, most of us are prone to some illness. Paying for medical expenses from your savings or income leaves a big hole in your finances. Instead, the best way to tackle a medical emergency is by securing yourself with a good Individual Health Insurance Policy.

Individual Health Insurance Policy is an agreement between the policyholder and an insurance provider, where the latter agrees to pay for specified medical expenses of the former up to the sum insured. The Individual Health Insurance Plan covers only one individual. If you want to include your family, you can opt for the Family Health Insurance Plan.

Features and Benefits of Individual Health Insurance Policy

  • Individual Health Insurance Policy is applicable only for one person, i.e. the policyholder.
  • Covers hospitalization expenses, medical tests and related medical professionals’ fees.
  • Cashless treatment option is available in network hospitals.
  • Insurance companies provide benefits up to the sum insured amount. Anything beyond that has to be borne by the policyholder.
  • This policy is renewable for life.
  • The premium paid towards the policy is eligible for deduction under Section 80(D) of the Income-tax Act, 1961.
  • Pre- and post-hospitalization charges are covered under this plan.
  • It is best suited for people with high health risks.
  • You can increase the coverage amount at the time of renewal for increased premium.
  • Since the plan caters only to a single person, you can make multiple claims up to the sum assured.
  • There are no age restrictions for the members.
  • It covers pre-existing diseases only after a certain waiting period as defined by the company.

How IVA Insurance helps in getting the best health insurance plan?

There is no shortage of Individual Health Insurance policies in India and choosing the best one is a difficult task. At IVA Insurance, you can save your time and energy by comparing Individual Health Insurance quotes from several insurance providers. We follow a transparent and unbiased approach in displaying the best quotes from several insurance companies. Just enter a few details and find the best individual health insurance plan that matches your requirement. Purchase the policy within a few minutes.

FAQ on Individual Health Insurance Policy

The benefits of the individual health insurance policy are provided only to the policyholder

• Hospitalization expenses
• Medical tests
• Emergency Services like ambulance
• Room expenses
• Doctors’ fees

The Individual Health Insurance is applicable only for the policyholder. However, in a family floater health insurance, the sum assured is shared by all the family members included in the plan.


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