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What is Mediclaim?

Mediclaim is a form of health insurance which helps the insured person to obtain medical coverage during emergency hospitalization up to the sum assured. The insurer pays for the medical treatment due to accident or any other illness, including hospitalization charges and daycare procedures.

Why is Mediclaim very important?

Mediclaim compensates during medical emergencies up to the sum assured of your policy, enabling you to get a peace of mind during your tough times. In current times of high medical expenses, not holding a proper health insurance or mediclaim policy can be disastrous. 

A Health insurance policy covers specific illnesses like critical illness and issues a lump sum payout as per the terms and conditions of the policy. On the other hand, a Mediclaim policy reimburses the cost that you spent for treatment to your illness.  

With a Mediclaim plan, the insured person can make multiple claims till the sum assured is exhausted. Given the uncertain times we live with various illnesses like Covid 19 emerging, you must have a proper mediclaim plan to cover your hospitalization expenses.

Features and Benefits of Mediclaim Policy

  • A Mediclaim plan covers hospitalization expenses (both in-hospitalization and post-hospitalization), Daycare expenses, and fees charged by the medical professionals.
  • A Mediclaim policy is the most effective way to take care of your medical expenses.
  • Cashless treatment can be availed by the Mediclaim policyholders at in-network hospitals of the insurance providers.
  • By having an acceptable mediclaim policy, you can ease your financial burden and get a peace of mind during emergencies.
  • It offers both individual and family floater plans.
  • Most Mediclaim Policies also come with lifelong renewability options.

Types of Mediclaim Policies

  • Individual Mediclaim Policy
    Only the policyholder gets the coverage for this plan. Only one person is entitled to receive all the benefits of this plan.
  • Family Floater Mediclaim Policy
    This plan provides coverage to the policyholder and his dependents (spouse, children, and parents).
  • Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy
    Senior Citizen Mediclaim policy is for the elderly. It covers hospitalization expenses for people who are over 60 years old.
  • Critical Illness Mediclaim Policy
    It covers any critical illness like heart attack, kidney failure, and other critical diseases developed by the policyholder during the policy period.

How IVA Insurance helps you to get the best Mediclaim policy?

Selecting the best mediclaim policy among reams of insurance policies online is not easy for a commoner. IVA Insurance acts as a bridge between the insurance company and the buyer, thereby reducing the hassle of selecting the best plan. Once you provide a few details like name, phone number, age, and annual income, we will display quotes from several insurance providers. You can compare the features of each policy and pick the one that suits your requirement the most.


Mediclaim Policy covers hospitalization expenses, including medical tests, bed charges, doctor fees, and operational costs. It also covers diagnostic tests and daycare procedures. Pre and post hospitalization expenses are also covered for 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days after discharge.

The premium that you pay depends on the amount of sum assured of the Mediclaim Insurance Policy. It varies from company to company.


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