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What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

Senior Citizen Health insurance plans are designed for individuals in the age group of 60 to 75 years. With a Senior Citizen Health Insurance plan, you can avail benefits like cashless hospitalization, day-care expenses and emergency services like ambulance.

Senior citizen health insurance plan is more of a necessity than choice as the elderly people would want to live with peace of mind and within their pension. Getting sick in old age is something beyond our control, so you must have an alternate way to tackle the hospitalization expenses instead of spending from your savings. It is where Senior Citizen Health Insurance comes into the picture, allowing the elderly to take care of their medical needs.

There is no shortage of insurance companies offering health insurance policies for senior citizens. However, it is essential to choose the one that fits your needs and addresses all key health issues.

Benefits and Features of Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy

  • Senior citizens can avail cashless treatment at network hospitals of the insurance company.
  • Most plans do not require medical screening before issuing the policy. However, specific plans would require the individual to undergo medical tests.
  • Some senior citizen health insurance provides cover for domiciliary treatment, i.e. treatment at home as suggested by the doctor.
  • Companies offer perks such as free health check-up along with lifetime renewability.
  • The premium paid by the policyholder towards this policy is eligible for tax deductions.
  • If the insured has not raised any claim during the policy tenure, they are eligible for a no-claim benefit.

Why do you need a senior citizen health insurance policy?

Health issues are unpredictable, especially for senior citizens. Sudden hospitalization causes both emotional and financial trauma. Hence. It is essential to have a good health insurance policy for the senior citizens in your family. Below mentioned are a few reasons why senior citizens need health insurance:

Medical Expenses: Healthcare costs are skyrocketing each day. It doesn’t make any sense to drain our savings as longevity has increased. For senior citizens who are vulnerable to many types of illnesses, having a medical insurance policy is invaluable.

Critical illness: At a time when even young people are susceptible to acute diseases, senior citizens are prone to critical conditions like a heart attack or kidney failure. Without proper health insurance to manage them, hospitalization expenses will deal  a big blow to your savings. Hence, it is important that every senior citizen has a proper medical insurance plan.

Medical Tests: Buying a senior citizen health insurance policy would entitle you to benefits such as periodical medical check-ups at reputed labs. This can help you track any significant changes in your health.

Peace of Mind: Paying hospitalization bills is a huge challenge for  older people, as they are not at an age to earn it back by working. Hence, having a proper senior citizen health insurance helps them forget about their health worries and gives them peace of mind.

How can IVA Insurance help you?

IVA Insurance is an IRDAI certified insurance aggregator that offers senior citizen health insurance policies from multiple insurance providers. We provide unbiased quotes from various insurance providers on one platform. Users can compare premium quotes for Senior Citizen Health Insurance plans from various companies and pick the one that matches their needs. Our insurance support agents will help you with the buying process from start to end.

Our customer service is working round the clock to cater to your needs. You can always contact them for any insurance-related queries.

FAQ on Senior Citizen Health Insurance

The premium for Senior Citizen Health Insurance is higher than average medical insurance as the elderly are more likely to need healthcare.

Almost all the insurance companies provide cashless hospitalization services to their patrons in their network hospitals. As an insured, you need to select a company which has network hospitals near your home.

Yes, you can. As per IRDAI regulations, an insured is allowed to switch from his current insurance provider to another company if he is not satisfied with the service of the current provider.

Most companies provide perks such as free health check-ups to their senior citizen health insurance customers. You can take advantage of such perks and get periodic health check-ups.


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