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What is Home Insurance?

Buying a home is a lifetime dream project for many of us. After purchasing, it is essential to safeguard our dream homes from any kinds of disaster. Getting a Home Insurance helps us to financially protect ourselves from all possible damages to your home and the contents. By investing in home insurance, you are assured of full safety to your house from all kinds of potential threats.

A Home Insurance offers cover to the structure and contents of your home from damages that are natural or man-made. It also provides cover against damages caused due to theft and burglary. These are times where natural disasters are unpredictable and unpreventable. When a calamity like a cyclone or landslide strikes, it not only affects the trees and vehicles, it also causes damage to your homes. Hence, it is essential to keep your house protected from all kinds of potential disasters.

Features and Benefits of Home Insurance

  • Comprehensive home insurance provides complete coverage to the structure and contents of your home.
  • The insurance provider will only provide cover for the building cost, not for the market value.
  • Getting home insurance relieves you of stress and tension.
  • You can secure the contents inside your home with the right add-on cover.
  • It protects your home from theft, burglary, and other criminal activities.
  • Some insurance companies offer temporary resettlement cover and loss of rent cover as well.
  • If you do not wish to buy comprehensive coverage, you can also opt for fire and peril cover. It offers cover against fire accidents which could cause extensive damage to your homes.
  • Even tenants can apply for content insurance in their rented house for their personal belongings.
  • You can home insurance policies online at a cheaper rate than offline.
  • You may get attractive discounts on premiums during the renewal.

Types of Home Insurance Policies

  • Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy 
    A Standard Fire and special perils policy gives you coverage against fire accidents and other natural calamities like earthquakes, volcano eruption etc.
  • Comprehensive Home Insurance Policy 
    It covers nearly every damage that can occur due to natural or man-made reasons. The contents inside the home are insured as well. Since the scope of coverage is vast, it is a bit more expensive than other insurance types.
  • Public Liability Insurance 
    Public Liability Insurance Offers Cover For Third Party Liabilities (Bodily Injury / Property Damage) and the legal costs associated with it.
  • Building Insurance
    As the name suggests, the insurance policy applies to the structure of the building. 
  • Burglary and Theft
    Damages caused to burglary and theft are covered under this type of insurance
  • Additional Coverage
    Apart from the standard home insurance policies, some insurance companies are also offering policies that include lock and key, temporary living, and rent loss.

Why choose IVA Insurance for Motor Insurance?

  • Damages to house acquired illegally
  • Damages to home that was unoccupied for over 30 days and you failed to inform the insurance company about it
  • Buildings that are older than 30 years
  • Wear and tear associated with buildings
  • If any crucial information is intentionally not disclosed

How can IVA Insurance help you get the best home insurance?

We at IVA Insurance are willing to help you get the right insurance to safeguard your homes. We give you a platform where you can compare free insurance quotes from all the leading insurance companies in India. You can insure your homes in a matter of a few clicks. Given the number of insurance companies in the market today, it may be difficult for you to go through the policies of every company.

At IVA Insurance, you get to see multiple quotes from different insurance providers under a single umbrella. You can quickly analyze and choose the policy that you see fit to your requirements and buy. Moreover, our support staff help you throughout the buying process.

FAQ on Home Insurance Online

Sum assured is calculated using the formula given below.

Sum assured = Total Built-up area * Cost of construction per sq ft.

For example, if the built-up area is 750 square feet and the construction rate decided by the insurer is Rs. 1500 per sq ft. The sum assured for your building would be Rs. 11, 25, 000.

Yes, you can increase the sum assured value in your policy. However, you will need to pay an extra premium for the increased sum assured.

FIR usually is not required for damages incurred due to natural disasters like cyclone and earthquake. However, you will have to file an FIR house incurs damage due to man-made activities mentioned below:

• Theft
• Burglary
• Terrorism

Typically, home insurance coverage starts from the time you paid your premium. Some companies extend coverage after seven days from the date of receiving a premium.

Tenants can avail insurance for their contents inside their homes like furniture, jewellery, and other appliances.


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