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What is bike insurance?

According to The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, every two-wheeler owner must have their vehicle insured. A two-wheeler insurance is a legal document that provides cover for the cost of the damages during accidents and natural and manmade disasters. There are several other benefits that the insured can receive  according to the policy they choose. 

Types of bike insurance plans in India

Bike Third-party Liability Policy 

It is an insurance coverage policy that covers the cost of the damages to  third party property, including vehicles and the injuries to or death of its riders.

Bike Comprehensive Insurance Policy

This policy has a wider scope in terms of coverage.  It combines the third-party Liability policy and insurance for damage to the bike owner’s own vehicle.  Due to its wider coverage, it is more expensive.

Features and Benefits of Bike insurance

  • With an active bike insurance, you can get compensation for damage or loss to your vehicle in accidents or by disasters like fire.
  • Aside from the coverage to your two-wheeler it also provides coverage against injuries sustained in an accident.
  • Even if the insured is at fault for the accident, the third-party liability policy will still protect them from financial liabilities.
  • Choosing the appropriate add-on options along with your insurance policy can be helpful when a loss occurs.
  • Owning a bike insurance policy is mandatory according to the laws of India.

Why buy bike insurance at IVA insurance?

You have to know the exact benefits of an insurance policy and how effectively it can help you in order to  choose the best policy suited to you. This is where IVA insurance helps you.

IVA insurance lets the buyer compare all the major two-wheeler insurance policies available in the market with their  full range of features and benefits. You can easily compare and analyze the insurance quotes from all leading companies and choose the one that fits your requirements and budget.

The recommendations displayed for your search are unbiased. We have a team of expert insurance support agents working 24*7 to assist you in any insurance related queries.


The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 states that every vehicle used on public roads in India must hold a valid insurance policy.

The policy covers the cost of the damages by your vehicle to others and also vice versa in case of comprehensive policy. The actual purpose of bike insurance is to reduce the effect of emergency expenses relating to bikes.

Under the  Indian law, a Third-party Liability policy is mandatory. As this type of policy only covers losses to the third-party, you can opt for a comprehensive insurance policy that covers the losses and damages incurred by you.

Bike insurance policy can be renewed both online and offline. Renewing offline consumes a lot of time and energy, whereas when the same is done in the online platform, the process is economical and quick.


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