Policy Renewal

Renew your insurance policy easily in few minutes

Policy Renewal
Every policy has its own tenure period. The minute your insurance policy expires, the policyholder will not be entitled to receive any benefits. Only when the insurance policy is in active status, you can enjoy its benefits. Hence, it is important to renew your insurance policies on or before the expiry date to keep yourself protected always. Also, renewing your policy is much easier than getting a new one.

Policy Renewal

Steps to Renew an Insurance policy

To enjoy the benefits of an insurance policy, the policyholder has to renew the policy on time before expiry. There are certain steps to renew the policy;

  • Note the expiry date. The second your policy expires; you will lose the benefits of the policy. The date will be mentioned in the policy document.
  • The policyholder must submit the previously submitted policy documents.
  • Every individual has an option of integrating certain add on benefits to the policy they apply for. The add-ons include depreciation cover, no claim bonus, and many more.
  • There are several payment options available for the individual, so renewing a policy online is done in a simple and hassle free manner.
  • After payment completion, the confirmation is sent to the user’s email.

Why choose IVA insurance for policy Renewal?

Currently, there are many sites that support policy renewal. But IVA insurance has an edge over the others in providing a seamless platform for buying and renewing insurance online.

The customer service team is available 24*7 to assist you.

You can even renew your policies bought from other aggregator sites on our platform provided the company is listed.

Get better deals on insurance premium

You have an option to include add-ons while renewing.


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