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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers the financial losses that could arise due to uncertain situations during travel. Having a Travel insurance policy secures your trips to and fro and have a comfortable and safe journey. It is most suited for people frequently travelling for business or any private purposes. There are various situations during travel where your travel insurance can come to your rescue. It could be trip cancellation, flight delays, baggage loss, medical emergencies, accidents, and loss of passport.

What are the Types of Travel Insurances?

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Single trip travel insurance

The traveller can enjoy the benefits of the insurance policy for only one trip. The benefits are active from the start of the travel till the traveller reaches back home.

Multiple trips travel insurance

 It is more suited for regular travellers. Under this plan, the policy benefits are applicable for each and every trip made in a calendar year.

Based on Geographic locations

International travel insurance

The policy covers the individual or a family travelling overseas. The policyholder enjoys several benefits like medical emergency benefits, emergency cash benefits, trip delay or cancellation benefits, and there are even certain companies that provide home insurance for the policyholder’s house while travelling overseas.

Domestic Travel insurance

The policy provides benefits for an individual or the family travelling within that Indian limits. The benefits include medical and any other emergency uncertainties involved in the trip.

Schengen Travel insurance

Schengen is the region of 26 European countries that have dismissed the boundaries policies of the country and also cancelled the passport concept for their countrymen. This policy is applicable for travellers boarding to one or many Schengen Countries.

Based on the type of traveller

Student travel insurance

The policy is applicable for Indian students studying overseas. There are several benefits that the students can enjoy with this policy.and the policy can be extended up to 2 years.

Corporate travel insurance

This policy is suited for corporates whose employees have a frequent travel schedule. It is valid only for a year. The benefits include flight delays, missing connecting flights, baggage losses and many more.

Family travel insurance

It is a type of travel insurance policy for families travelling frequently. The benefits are applicable for the policyholder, spouse, and children. Loss of passport, medical expenses, baggage loss and many more are included in the benefits list.

Group travel insurance

This insurance policy is applicable for people travelling frequently in groups. Be it a family tour, business store or any other travel, the policy becomes a great aid in planning and enjoying the trip. The benefits are applicable to both domestic and international travel.

Senior citizen travel insurance

This type of travel insurance is applicable for travellers over the age of 60. The benefits include loss of baggage, financial emergencies, and medical expenses.

Benefits of Travel insurance

  • Insurance firms cover the medical expenses of the policyholder with cashless transactions.
  • The availability of multi-trip travel insurance policies is a big advantage for people travelling regularly.
  • Insurance companies compensate travellers for their losses during travel. The compensation is provided on whichever valid grounds possible.
  • Baggage laws could be crucial; travel insurance policies cover such emergency situations.

Why buy travel insurance at IVA Insurance?

Only by studying all the travel insurance policies in the market, one can buy the best policy. Going through multiple policies in multiple websites is a big hassle. IVA Insurance and allows the user to compare the policies available, by comparing the benefits of the policies in one platform. By Comparing the pros and cons of every policy, it is easy for the user to buy the most suited for him/her. The entire process involved in buying a policy is quick and easy. The content displayed on our website is unbiased. An expert team works 24*7 to help out users with any queries related to travel insurance policies.

FAQ on Travel Insurance

You may face several uncertain situations during a trip. In order to cover the financial emergencies arising due to such situations, one must own a travel insurance policy.

The policy covers all the risks involved in a person’s trip. There are factors that could either be natural or man-made. The policy reduces sudden financial needs relating to the individual’s trip.

There are several types of travel insurance policies available in the market. The individual must choose insurance policy based on several factors such as type of traveller, geographic location and the validity they’re looking for.

The policy can be renewed both online and offline. Renewing policies online is very easy and takes very little time compared to offline renewal.


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